On this website you can download top music (hits and new music) using a unique code. The code can be purchased in shops.

Code use and validity

The unique code is printed on the special card which you have purchased. You can be sure that the code has not yet been used only when the package containing the code is sealed.

The code is good for downloading 12 tracks. It doesn’t have to be all at once. After downloading the first track the code remains valid for 30 days or until you have downloaded all 12 tracks.

Your code remains valid in any case until 30 July 2011.

Code availability

Codes are available in many shops all over the country.

User Agreement

This user agreement applies to the download action on our website.

Information on this page can be found via the option FAQ, where contact can be made and further information is provided or can be requested.

This User Agreement describes the terms of use of our website. It further describes the conditions under which the website will be made available.

How does this website work?

After having received your unique code and after having downloaded your first track you are free to obtain the remaining 11 tracks within the period of 30 days. There is no need to pay or start a subscription.

You can download and listen to any available music on your PC, burn it onto the PC or export it to (portable) devices suitable for this purpose.

How to activate the code for free download of 12 tracks?

  • Make your choice of download(s).

  • Select individual tracks and add to your shopping basket.

  • Go to Shopping Basket from the menu and enter your code.

  • Credits

  • Your code is activated after your first download. The unused credits will be valid for 30 days.

  • You can use your downloads immediately.

  • After downloading the tracks, you can listen to them immediately on your computer and burn them onto a CD or export them to your portable audio device.

Terms of use the website

  • The computer and any (portable) appliances used for downloading music must be physically located in the country where you received the code. Listening to the music from your (portable) appliance is permitted anywhere.

  • You are allowed to play the music from the website for an unlimited number of times and export it to a suitable (portable) appliance and the downloads can be played indefinitely.

  • Streamings, downloads, copying, exporting and use of our website, other than what the code allows you to download, are not permitted.

  • You are not allowed to reverse engineering, change or avoid the anti-copying protection and/or systems and (portable) appliances which can be used for storing and/or playing of the music from the website.

  • You are not allowed to upload the music obtained from this page back onto the internet.

  • You are not allowed to use music obtained from our website in order to alter it with respect to the music made available on this page.

  • The downloads contain no DRM and can be used without limit. The speed at which you can use the website depends mostly on the speed of your own internet connection. The costs of internet connection remain your own responsibility.

How we treat your personal data?

In order to be able to use our page you need to allow cookies. We use them for your recognition whenever you access this website.

This is not permitted

You are not allowed:

  • to offer your code to another person in order to facilitate unauthorized use of the download action on our website.

  • to copy music available from this page.

  • to give, sell, lend, broadcast or send to someone else.

Except for the possibilities specified on the website, it is not permitted to use any automated system to select, stream and/or download music from our page.

End of download period

After 30 days from the time when your first tracks have been downloaded and your code has been activated, it is no longer possible to use our page. The already downloaded tracks remain always valid. Attempts to act in defiance of the Agreement may result in deactivating of your unique code.

After having used your download code on the website and having placed your tracks as downloads on your computer and/or portable audio devices, you remain bound to the terms and conditions as described in this Agreement.

Intellectual property rights

You acknowledge that all rights to the music from our website belong to a third party such as the respective record company, artist, author, composer or publisher. By using your code you only receive the right to download 12 tracks, play them on your computer or export to a suitable (portable) appliance.

You are aware that all rights to information, announcements or other expressions reproduced on this page and referring to the website and to products supplied separately and/or referring to the page, remain with our website, its suppliers or other third party owners.

It is forbidden to duplicate the aforementioned reproduced information, announcements or other expressions without prior permission in writing by our website, its suppliers or other third party owners, unless it is meant for private use in relation to the action on the website.


You and our page agree that a valid Agreement has been concluded when your code is activated on the website.

The agreement between the website and you is subject to Dutch law.

This website reserves its right to change or amend these terms and conditions from time to time.

Force Majeure

Force majeure can (temporarily) unable the page to provide music. This website will not be held liable for not fulfilling its obligations and the obligation will be then suspended for the duration of the force majeure.

Force majeure is understood to include circumstances under which fulfilment of the obligations to the User is fully or partially hindered.

These circumstances are, among others: strikes, fire, operational failures, electricity failure, failure to (timely) supply by a supplier or other contracted third party and the lack of a required permit.

Moreover, force majeure will be understood to include data network, connection and/or communication failures, and/or the unavailability of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions/F.A.Q.

The code has been processed, but I can’t download and/or the download is not available?
Can I also get the Cover as it was not included with the download(s)?
In which format are the music digital files being offered?
Downloading has failed and/or has been interrupted. What do I do?
The code has been processed successfully, but I can’t find the download on my PC.
I have burnt a CD, but it won’t play. What to do?
Can I get a new code if I’m not satisfied or have ordered a wrong album or track?

Is downloading music from the download shop legal?
How do I open a ZIP file?

The code has been processed, but I can’t download and/or the download is not available?

Please contact us via e-mail at website@tmm.eu describing all error messages encountered during placement of your order.
Can I also get the Cover as it was not included with the download(s)?

If the Cover is not automatically sent together with the download(s), it means that it was not made available and will not be sent later either.

In which format are the music digital files being offered?

Music files are offered within The Netherlands free from DRM in MP3 format (256 Kbit). Because these files are DRM free, music is suitable for and downloadable to all MP3 hardware players. (PC, USB sticks, etc.)

Downloading has failed and/or has been interrupted. What do I do?

In most cases you can restart downloading. Always save the download(s) immediately, otherwise they will not be playable. Please contact us by filling in the contact form (click here) if you encounter any problems.

The code has been processed successfully, but I can’t find the download on my PC.

It is likely that you saved your download to an unknown folder. Go to Start and, using the mouse, select files and folders from the Search option, then follow the instruction in the left window to complete your search.

I have burnt a CD, but it won’t play. What to do?

One of the common mistakes while burning CDs is that the MP3 files are burnt as a Data-CD. In this case it will only be possible to play the CD in a player supporting MP3 CDs. When you burn, choose Audio-CD. Another common mistake is made when burning albums. These are supplied as ZIP files. A ZIP file has to be opened first and the separate MP3 files burnt onto an audio-CD by means of a program such as Nero.

Can I get a new code if I’m not satisfied or have ordered a wrong album or track?

As all downloaded music can be burnt onto a CD, it is not possible to issue a new download code. It is simply impossible to control it for both parties, which is also the reason why it is never possible to obtain a new code.

Is downloading music from the download shop legal?

Yes, all music offered for sale via this shop is 100% legal! The remittance is paid from your fee to the respective record company(ies) as well as to BUMA/STEMRA, so that each artist or third party owner receives his/her due share.

How do I open a .ZIP file?

In order to simplify and accelerate the downloading, all purchased files are delivered in .ZIP format. Windows XP and Windows Vista recognize this standard. If a different system is being used, download the trial version of WinZip free of charge. Once your .ZIP file is open, the MP3 files can be unpacked to a folder on your hard drive. Be careful! Don’t burn the .ZIP files directly onto a CD as the CD will not play. You must first unpack the files.


Disclaimer the website and The Music Marketeers BV

Music works are copyright protected. The Music Marketeers BV, responsible for this website, has been granted user permission from Buma/Stemra and the relevant record companies. Use of the music works from this website other than for your listening pleasure and/or reproduction for personal practice, study or use, is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, it is not permitted to [re]sell, distribute, etc. Despite continuing care and attention given to the content of this website, it is possible for the information published on it to be incomplete and/or incorrect. The content of the website is not binding.

The website is not liable for use of the texts and subsequent facts, circumstances or consequences. It will not be liable for typographical errors.

The website provides no warranty, explicit or implied, with regard to the accuracy of the information.